Sugar Rush



Step 1:
Place Order

Step 2:
Send Us Your Items

Step 3:
We Take Awesome Photos

Step 4:
Download Your Photos

Pricing options for all needs:


$75 per photo


$65 per photo


$55 per photo

11-49 Photos

$45 per photo

50-99 Photos

$35 per photo

100+ Photos

$30 per photo

This is how we do it

Tell us about your project

Simply email or call Linda & Michael and let us know how we can help create the perfect image to help sell your product. We will give you a quote for your project then you can pack up your products and ship them to us. Please label each piece so we know how you want to have your product photographed. While we do clean up all of the images in photoshop please try and send us your most flawless pieces.

We receive your products

As soon as we receive your package, we’ll inspect its contents for damage caused in transit and clean all items so they’ll look great for the camera. Once everything has arrived we will then photograph your product and email you a proof before we send off the image to post production retouching.

Develop & Dropbox

Now that we have the perfect image we’ll send it off for basic retouching and clean ups. (complex retouching is additional) We then Dropbox to you your final High Resolution, Royalty Free, unwatermarked image for you to use as you please.

We send it back
With extra care we pack your product back up and prep it for shipping. We are happy to bill for shipping or you can send us a Fedex number or prepaid shipping slip. We make it easy, just tell us your preference.